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A love of animals is something I think we are all born with. I have often looked with awe at parrots, horses and the like, just in the way they move, fly and grace our existance etc. To be truthfull even though we do everything we can to show we do not belong to the animal group, but really, factually, we all belong to the animal species whether we like it or not. We are learing to care for our pets as we do our children with pet plans i.e. pet health insurance and specifically dog health insurance or cat health insurance plans also.

We are just conceited enough to believe we are more than an animal, probably that is why we keep and care for many of them as pets. That being the case maybe we are really just smarter than some animals or we are actually more than just an animal. Unfortunatly all to often the actions of my fellow man continue to prove to me that some of us are not even that smart.

In the past man has exploited any animals for his own needs using them as beasts of burden, tools of war and even keeping them just for their fur. Today similar things are true but some protections are offered our animal friends with pet health insurance making it easier to keep our pets healthy by enabling owners to seek veterinary help when required. There are many pet care health insurance plans, pet plans, available today to indulge cat owners with cat insurance as well as do owners with dog insurance.

From a very young age I loved horses, especially. I would draw them daily. ( I was told they were very good drawings.) I loved the horse shows on Television and remember listening to the radio shows also which were on every Sunday morning with great classics like "The Lone Ranger", especially the story of how he found and captured his white stallion. "Silver".

My Childhood Pets

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As a child I never saw the need to pull wings off bugs, hurt cats or generally bring ill will to the animals around me. My torments were generally aimed at my brothers and sisters and parents. I am sure they will attest to this. But I did have an ant farm when my family lived in Australia and some may cosider this cruel but the knowledge I gained far out weighted any possible cruelty to the ants as they were let free at the end of my attention span.

Then my next pet animal adventure was to have a dog. Well this wasn't seen as a possibility by my parents regardless of the insistance on my part at every birthday and christmas that passed from the age of 8 through 11.

I do not, to this day, know how my parents put up with me. It was just such a strong urge in me to have a dog I could not get it out of my mind. I finally realised it was not to be so. So I turned my attention to pigeons.

Well unfortunatly at the time my Dad had to be hospitalised for 5 months so Mum was mine! With this new found power I quickly convinced her that I could get for "free", ( They actually cost me .50cents each Shhh), 6 pigeons from a friend of mine and I would house them in a large wooden crate I had which I could fashion into a pidgeon coop.

Mum gave in as I knew she would. The great day happened, and as it was, and is customery to imprisson the pigeons for 3 months before their release,. ( In order to home them). I was all set. Then Dad came home early. Hmm.

After I explained to him that if I returned the pigeons they would just fly back to our place and that they had caused no problems with us so far and how sorry I was I never asked him, but really he wasn't there to ask, I justified, anyway he slowly settled into the idea. But with one proviso. The coop 1, I had built wasn't good enough. My Dad was a carpenter. I, with his help had to build a better one. This was to be coop 2.

It seriously was built like I would imagine you would build a house. It had footings, a floor, framed walls and a corugated iron roof plus opening door. A true pigeon castle. A place my pets would love.

I continued to breed the pigeons, made pets out of 3 of them and then when I was 15 years old with approximately 300 pigeons I had to sell them all and then burn the coop down to stop any that got away from their new homes returning and staying. A very sad day.

During this time with the pigeons and luckily for me I managed to persuade my Dad, on my fourteenth birthday, to let me have a dog. I ended up buying, with Dad's help, a staffordshire bull terrier. She was with me for a further 13 years. Then I, with my wife's permission sold my oxy oceteline gas cutting unit, ( a tool I owned but used very little), and bought a Rottweiller, who I called Karma. We had her for a further 13 years even taking her with us to America.

Today I have a Galah, "George", who can call so loud sometimes you can probably hear him where ever you are. They are an Australian parrot and very common pets.

So finally I have compiled this site to show off the wonders of the animal kingdom who truly do leave their "Pet Heart Prints" on us all. You will find to your right the links that will take you to specialised topics on many animals from parrots, horses, fish and to scrapbooking. Please enjoy and visit often.

Looking for more information on PETS, then please feel free to visit our other pages to the right ----->.

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